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3 Most Common Causes of Winter Auto Accidents

Winter is the most dangerous season to drive, especially in Wisconsin. Because of the long winters, low temperatures, heavy snowfall throughout the Badger State, winter driving is something you would expect all drivers to be used to. And while Wisconsinites handle snow better than many other Americans, they still find themselves in winter crashes, often due to the following reasons:

  1. Slick roads—Even the most winter-ready vehicle can still be difficult to control when driven over big patches of ice. Modern tires, brakes, and traction control systems are designed to keep vehicles on the road and drivers in control, but sometimes, black ice is simply too much to overcome, causing a crash.
  2. Reduced visibility—Snow can be beautiful when it’s falling and on the ground, but actual snowstorms are another matter entirely. Snowstorms can result in whiteout conditions due to intense snowfall, fog, and swirling snowflakes. Lack of visibility combined with slick roads can lead to extremely dangerous driving conditions and interstate traffic jams that go on for miles.
  3. Poor vehicle conditions—While even winter-ready vehicles are susceptible to crashes, drivers who get behind the wheels of poorly maintained vehicles are tempting fate every time they drive during the winter. Bald tires, worn-out brakes, and poor-quality heaters and defrosters can make even a quick trip to the grocery store a potentially dangerous or even deadly affair.

Were you or someone you love involved in a winter crash that was caused by any of these factors AND a negligent driver? If so, we want to help.

Not all winter crashes are unavoidable, and often times, distraction, speeding, and failing to come to a complete stop are all factors. Contact the Green Bay auto accident lawyers at Brian Hodgkiss Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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