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Don’t Let Wisconsin’s Statute of Limitations Make You Complacent After a Crash!

Wisconsin’s statute of limitations—or the time limit in which you can take legal action—is three years after the date of an injury. That’s among the longest in the nation. When many injury victims learn that fact, they may relax and feel much less pressure to act right away when it comes to getting compensation for their medical bills and lost wages.

But waiting too long—even if the law allows you to take your time—is a mistake. Why? There are a few reasons why not acting right away can come back to haunt you:

  • Evidence can disappear—If you call a lawyer 30 months after your crash, there’s a good chance that evidence will be nearly impossible to track down. Witnesses may have changed their numbers, security tapes will have long been deleted, and the driver who hit you may not even live in the same state anymore.
  • The insurance company will be more skeptical—Insurers are skeptical of claims by default, but they’re even more skeptical when they’re filed months or even years after injuries occur. The more time that passes, the more likely they are to believe that your injury had other causes.
  • You’ll go even longer without compensation—When you need money after an injury, you need it yesterday. But the longer you wait to call a lawyer, the longer you wait to get paid. Don’t wait on the money you’re owed. The sooner you call, the sooner you get paid.

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