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No Matter How Much Winter Driving Experience You Have, Safety Always Comes First!

In Wisconsin, we know snow. While other parts of the country shut down over light dustings, we proudly drive through it on a daily basis for several months out of the year. But just because it’s something we’re used to doesn’t mean we should take it lightly or neglect basic safety precautions.

When driving in snow, remember to:

  • Reduce your speed.

Both snow and ice can reduce your tires’ traction on the road while increasing your braking distance. The combination of these factors can significantly increase your risk of a crash. Reducing your speed can give you more time to slow down or stop to avoid a collision.

  • Clear all snow and ice from your vehicle.

When you’re running late, you may be tempted to scrape a small “porthole” in your windshield and be on your way. But that’s dangerous! You need full vision of your surroundings. In addition, driving with large chunks of snow and ice on your car can put other drivers in danger if they suddenly fly off.

  • Stick to treated roads.

States that get hit hard by winter weather, including Wisconsin, are often better equipped for snow and ice than other states. That means our roads are treated better and more quickly. But not all roads get treated the same. Stick to major highways and highly-trafficked streets when possible, as they’re usually the safest to drive on.

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