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Spring Break Driving Safety Tips

Spring break is almost here for many schools and universities throughout the country, including many in Wisconsin. Families and college students use this break from school to travel, and a large percentage of travelers get to their destinations by vehicle. If you’re planning on driving to your spring break 2020 destination, keep these spring break driving safety tips in mind to reduce your risks while traveling on highways and interstates:

  • Leave in the morning, not in the afternoon—It can be tempting to start your spring break on a Friday afternoon, right after school ends for the day. But this can be dangerous, especially if you have a long drive, as a substantial portion of your travels may be at night—a riskier time for motorists.
  • Be a stickler about seat belts—Most people don’t even notice their seat belts on their daily commutes, but they often feel uncomfortable on long car rides. Don’t let your passengers unbuckle, no matter what. Safety is far more important than comfort.
  • Assign a passenger to phone duty—When traveling to a new city or vacation destination, you may use your smartphone for directions and looking up places to stay, shop, and eat. When you’re driving, assign a passenger to smartphone duty. That will allow you to keep your eyes and focus on the road.

We hope everyone traveling for spring break this year gets to their destinations safely. But we also know that accidents can and do happen when people least expect it. If you or someone you love gets hurt in a crash in the upcoming weeks or anytime of year, our Green Bay auto accident lawyers are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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