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6 Reasons to Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

The one question we get most often is “why should I hire an attorney to handle my auto accident claim?”  The short answer is simple; after an accident, you have more important things to worry about than dealing with your claim—you need to focus on your health!

In addition to putting your focus on you, there are several other factors that make hiring a lawyer as early as possible the best option.

  1. WE MANAGE ALL COMMUNICATION – Following an accident you will be contacted by several different people. Your insurer will contact you to determine how the accident happened.  They may have someone call you to discuss your medical care or your prior medical conditions.  Say something wrong and you risk losing coverage under your policy.  The at-fault driver’s insurer will contact you to ask how the accident happened.  They may also call to discuss your injuries.  Say something wrong and they will use it against you to later deny your claim.  You will receive letters from your health insurer telling you that you must pay back all accident-related medical bills, or threatening not to cover bills unless you strictly follow their procedures.   All of these calls are stressful, and do nothing to help you heal.  When we are brought in early, we manage all of this communication.  We deal with all of these people to ensure everything is handled in a way that maximizes your results, while giving you the room to focus on yourself and your health.
  2. WE PRESERVE IMPORTANT EVIDENCE – After an accident, insurance companies scramble to secure the best evidence to hurt your case. Who is helping you?  When you hire our team, we immediately start preparing your case for trial by collecting all of the necessary evidence to prove and win your case.  We know what it takes, and we know the importance of getting that evidence before it is lost.  As car accident attorneys we protect your claim by recognizing and preserving the best evidence for your case.
  3. WE MANAGE YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE – In most cases, you will have options as to which insurance company pays your medical bills. Each case is different and you can find yourself throwing away money by sending your medical bills to the wrong health insurer.  Doctor’s offices and chiropractors are looking at getting paid for their services.  They are not looking out for your best financial interest.  From day one we determine where all bills should be processed, and we get them taken care of immediately.  If you do not have insurance, we work with medical providers to secure the care you need when you need it.
  4. WE HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR MEDICAL CARE – It’s understandable that after a car wreck you may be under a lot of stress. You will be presented with many options for treatment, and the thought of choosing the right course can add to your worries.  We’ve been helping car accident victims for years, and we know what you are facing.  We can help you evaluate your treatment options and point you in a direction best for you and your circumstances.  We establish substantive working relationships with your medical providers to ensure the transition from treatment to trial support is smooth productive.
  5. WE NEGOTIATE A FAIR SETTLEMENT – Frequently people say “it’s not about the money.” Those are usually the people who owe the money.  Don’t let anyone fool you, it is always about the money.  No one is going to take away your pain, or give you back the activities you missed out on with your family.  The only means to compensate you is money, and we are tireless in our efforts to make sure we maximize the amount you receive.  In order to get the best settlement results we start on day one ensuring we are doing everything we can to prepare your case to win!  Sign-‘em-up-and-settle law firms look at you as inventory.  We see our clients as individuals who have been through serious traumas.  Each and every one of our client’s cases get meticulous attention, no matter how big or how small.  When we begin with the intention of building the best case, we get the best settlements!
  6. WE LITIGATE AS CHAMPIONS – From the day a client hires us we have an eye on an eventual jury trial. It is that effort that helps us achieve such great settlements.  Sometimes, however, cases do not settle and we must face a jury.  Luckily, we are always ready to go!  We make the process seamless.  If you hire us and your case goes to trial, you will be prepared, you will be relaxed and you will be confident!

Too many law firms sign clients up and ignore their case until they are done with their medical care.  When new clients call Brian Hodgkiss Injury Lawyers they frequently ask, “do I need a lawyer?” or “what can a lawyer do for me or my case?”  When you hire Brian Hodgkiss Injury Lawyers after a car accident, we manage everything.  You can turn your focus back to you and your health.  What can a car accident lawyer do for you?  Well, if you hire the right lawyer, the answer is everything!  Don’t do it alone.  We can help.

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