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Can You Sue the Government for a Crash Caused by an Icy Road?

Wisconsin gets its fair share of snow and ice during the winter, and while the state is better prepared than most for winter weather, not all roads are properly treated. While it’s true that governmental bodies are responsible for maintaining public roads, it’s also generally accepted that keeping ALL roads in safe condition simply isn’t possible.

Because of that, it’s very difficult to file a successful injury claim against the state, city, or town you live in if you have an accident on an icy road. However, you CAN file a claim if something the local government did contributed to your crash. For example, if the city’s actions or inactions directly created dangerous conditions and you ultimately crashed, you may be eligible for compensation.

This could include snowplows creating massive snowbanks that limit visibility or incomplete road repair work that damages tires or brakes. In addition, some crashes may be caused by government employees or contractors themselves, including road crew workers, repair workers, and utility workers. They are responsible for driving safely, especially during inclement weather, and when they fail to do so, they should be held liable.

However, suing governmental bodies has a very short statute of limitations. Unlike personal injury lawsuits against individuals, which give victims three years to act, injury lawsuits against the government in Wisconsin have a statute of limitations of just four months. That means you need an experienced Green Bay auto accident lawyer on your side right away.

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