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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Whether you already own a motorcycle or are a beginner looking to experience Wisconsin’s open roads on two wheels, the most important thing you can do is wear a helmet. But not just any helmet will do. The helmet you choose plays a big role in your overall safety when you ride and your risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury or even dying in a crash.

How do you know which helmet is right for you? Follow these tips:

  1. Make sure it’s full-faced—Avoid half and open face helmets. While they’re better than not wearing a helmet at all, they don’t provide the full head protection that full-face helmets provide.
  2. Make sure it fits—Your helmet should fit snugly but without being too tight. The safety ratings for motorcycle helmets are only valid if they fit users properly. If you’re unsure of what size helmet you need, try some on at a local motorcycle equipment store.
  3. Make sure it’s certified—There are three main types of certification to pay attention to when selecting a helmet: DOT, ECE 22.05, and SNELL M2020. Any helmet you consider should include at least one of those labels and preferably all three.

In addition, be sure to replace your helmet if you’re ever involved in an accident and it gets damaged. Damaged helmets lose their ability to protect riders during crashes. Be sure not to donate it to thrift store or used sporting good store, as it may be sold to an unsuspecting rider!

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