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The 3 Safety Tips All Pedestrians Must Know and Follow

Every Wisconsinite knows that spring arrives in the Badger State a little later than the rest of the country. But thankfully, temperatures are starting to warm up during the day, making it more comfortable to get around town on foot. There are so many advantages to walking—it’s free, it’s good exercise, and it means no searching for parking spaces. But there is a downside: the risk of being struck by a vehicle.

To reduce your risks while strolling in your community this spring, keep these vital tips in mind:

  1. Walk on sidewalks and crosswalks—By far, the safest place for pedestrians to be is sidewalks and crosswalks. In fact, you should plan your path and choose roads that are equipped with these life-saving pedestrian safety measures.
  2. Walk towards the flow of traffic—Whenever possible, walk “against” the flow of traffic, or towards oncoming vehicles, especially when sidewalks aren’t available. Doing so makes you more visible to drivers, as they can see your face, and it also gives you more of an opportunity to avoid an out-of-control vehicle.
  3. Walk without distractions—Distracted driving is a deadly and growing epidemic, but distracted walking can be just as dangerous for pedestrians. When you’re walking, you need to look at and listen to your surroundings. If you’re listening to music or looking at your phone, you’re missing vital sensory information that can protect you from a serious accident or injury.

Even the most safety-focused pedestrians can still be injured by negligent drivers, and when that happens, our Appleton pedestrian accident lawyers are here to help. If you or someone you love was injured while walking, contact Brian Hodgkiss Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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