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Drivers and Insurers Often Blame Pedestrians for Accidents

Getting around town on foot is good exercise, but it’s not always the safest method of transportation. If you’re struck by a vehicle, you face a major risk of suffering serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. There’s no question that pedestrians are extremely vulnerable when they’re hit by vehicles, and to make matters worse, some injured pedestrians find that insurance companies either don’t believe their claims or even assign all the fault to them.

Drivers often instigate this when they tell responding police officers and their insurers that pedestrians “came out of nowhere” or even intentionally jumped in the path of their vehicles. Sadly, there’s a precedent of pedestrians putting themselves in harm’s way to sue drivers, and that argument is occasionally used by drivers and their insurers to get out of paying for damages.

When you’re seriously injured after a pedestrian accident, you don’t need to be dealing with an uncooperative insurance company that wants nothing more than to pay you as little as possible. Instead, you need to be focusing on getting better. The best way to accomplish that is to let an experienced Green Bay pedestrian accident lawyer handle your compensation claim while you rest.

Contact the legal team at Brian Hodgkiss Injury Lawyers today. We know the struggles that pedestrian accident victims face, and we know that they don’t always get fair treatment from drivers and insurance companies. We’ll work hard to protect your rights and get you the money you need for your damages.

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